Beware the May frost

Let us not sleepwalk
Into our future
Feed not the hand that bites
The May frost seeks out
The saplings first
Stand strong
You are not alone
No solitary snowdrops are we
With nodding heads
But a field of flaming poppies
Outshining the sun
So many are we
And still we are one


Three limericks

I’m not very adept at writing limericks but these three were done for the limerick challenge on dverse poets. Not even sure if the third one qualifies as a limerick!? Just for fun…

A cat with no whiskers is rare
So what, you may say, I don’t care
I’ve seen dogs with no tails
A fish with no scales
And an owl with small eyes that don’t stare

My dog likes to chew on a bone
If I take it he’ll moan and he’ll groan
He won’t give me peace
Until I release
His treasure and leave it alone

I sing a lullaby at night
I close the drapes and dim the light
And very soon I hear him snore
His worries gone, his fears no more
Goodnight my dog, sweet dreams, sleep tight!


Another quadrille written for dverse poets on the prompt word ‘still’.

Breasts drooping like candle wax
She scoops them up like ice cream
And fixes them in gravity defying stillness
Her lips though less full still smile
When he takes her hand
No slaves to time
They know who they are
And have no fear


This poem was written for the 52 word challenge on the theme “backwards”. You can read it from top to bottom, or the other way round. The first letter of each line, from bottom to top, spells out the word that describes the subject of the poem. Just for fun…!


Languishing at long last in jail
As he ponders his crime
Nightmarish images of being caught, oh the shame,
In flagrante delicto
Murder in the first degree, premeditated and precise
It had been a unanimous decision
Rage resounded like a church bell throughout the court
Captured at last, the cowardly criminal

Postcard from Fiesole

It’s when you’re far away like this
That I see you best
Fresh as an orange
When I close my eyes
Your breath on my neck
Warmer than the Mediterranean sun
Trickling through the olive trees
As I sit in the shade
Sipping the ruby elixir
Of you

With fresh eyes

On the morning she left
She packed a bag
Her hopes her fears her dreams
Stuffed in
Between the woolly jumper
And the isotonic water
A note on the kitchen table
Don’t wait up
I may be gone a long time
She didn’t look back
As the door clicked shut
Behind her
Ahead of her the felted hills
Dotted with spring lambs
How far the place where she could see
Once more what closeness had stolen
From her sight
Where her lover’s face
Would float back into focus
Like a life vest cut loose
From a sunken ship
On the morning she left
She noticed
That the sun
Had remembered
To shine