Postcard from Fiesole

It’s when you’re far away like this
That I see you best
Fresh as an orange
When I close my eyes
Your breath on my neck
Warmer than the Mediterranean sun
Trickling through the olive trees
As I sit in the shade
Sipping the ruby elixir
Of you


26 thoughts on “Postcard from Fiesole

      1. Just to help you (maybe) troubleshoot, it looked like you had cut and pasted a dVerse link instead of your blog link. It was still a non-working page, but it did go “back” to dVerse.

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      2. Oh, I CAN help with that! On your blog homepage, click on the title of the poem link you want to add (in this case, “Postcard From Fiesole.”) Once you’re on that poem’s “page,” you simply go up to the search window at the top of the computer, and highlight the whole thing:

        and then “cut” it (on a Mac that’s “command” and the letter “C.”) Then get yourself into Mr. Linky, and “paste” the link (on a Mac, that’s “command” and the letter “V.”) And you’re done. πŸ˜‰


      3. No problem at all. I remember needing to learn all that stuff when I started sharing blog posts in the Mr. Linky thing. I was completely baffled for some time. πŸ˜‰ Hang in there. It’ll all be second nature, soon. So glad you shared your words with us!


  1. For me this is perfect – ‘fresh as an orange’, Mediterranean and olives – I can even feel someone’s breath on my neck… don’t really care whose it is at this point!


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