About Diana Devlin

Born in 1963 in Dunfermline, Fife, I was raised bilingual with Italian and developed a passion for languages at an early age. I went on to study French and German at the University of Glasgow, where I graduated with a First Class M.A. (Hons) in 1986.

I am married to John Devlin and have two daughters, also linguists. We now live on the west coast of Scotland, where we enjoy life in the company of our three eccentric and lovable pets: Stanley, an affectionate Jack Russell with an obsession for any kind of ball; Rolo, a tantalisingly fluffy black and white cat prone to unpredictable psychotic episodes; Custard, a slinky blue-eyed snow lynx Bengal.

I have worked as a translator, interpreter, bilingual lexicographer and export adviser, amongst other things. Most recently, I worked as a school teacher in Glasgow but since 2016 have been writing full time. My poetry has been published in print and online, in a variety of  publications and I am working on my first collection. I am also currently writing a young adult novel.