Travels with Grandad

The challenge from my writers’ group this week was to do a piece on travel. This is what I did.

I’m sitting at the railway station
Waiting for my train
Going to see my grandad
Who’s twenty one again
He’ll sit me on his knee and smile
And talk about his life
Of all the things he saw and did
Before he met his wife
I’ll close my eyes and rest my head
Upon his big strong chest
He’ll tell me of his travels
He knows I like that best
My grandad has been everywhere
He’s travelled far and wide
But home is where he’s happy now
With his family by his side
Sometimes when he’s talking
His smile will disappear
And I know he’s thinking of a place
That’s full of pain and fear
A place in Poland long ago
He didn’t choose to be
It’s where he met my grandma
And they dreamed of being free
I sit and watch my train arrive
Rumbling down the track
And wonder why my grandad
Didn’t bring my grandma back
Some journeys only go one way
Is what he’ll say to me
And then he’ll go all quiet
And lift me off his knee
Maybe when I’m older
I’ll start to understand
Why travelling can be frightening
When the journey isn’t planned



Another 52 word challenge!

OK, this is definitely not my thing, writing about Death personified but it’s this week’s 52 word challenge from Sacha Black at Writespiration so I’m giving it a go, getting out of my comfort zone!


I have kissed many, bitten still more but it’s the ones I just lick that excite me. I love to watch them blanch and crumple. I shower in the light draining from their eyes and pat their hope about like a cat with a mouse. I live in those I don’t take.

Remember Grenfell

Standing still
like a leftover sausage
on a barbecue skewer
their homes a charred
reminder of how little
their lives were
worth to those who
clink prosecco glasses
in the amber glow
of mood
lighting as they make
decisions about
who will live and who
will live it up
but this pain will not be
like a pin prick or a
bee sting
so take note
prosecco drinkers
take cover
we will get you back
justice will be done
we will circumcise
your brutal leadership
and wrap your awful heads
in the smouldering remnants
of our lives


Message from my dog

How did it come to be that
of all creatures
ended up in charge?
must have been an
or maybe
the boss was off
the day that decision
was made because
we haven’t learned yet how
to live together like other
animals we
we break the rules
in search of jewels
it’s time
to give back
what we owe
shed our shields and
share our home more
let the dog walk
for a change go down
low and sniff the earth
see how big
the world is
big enough for
all of us
rich enough for
no need to over
take just be
more dog
in a while

Things are happening…

Suddenly, I seem to be dealing with a little flurry of public interest in my work. Two or three magazines are interested in publishing some of my poems all of a sudden. At the same time, I am entering a few competitions so I am feeling quite busy. Watch this space (if nothing else, the blank page might make you feel calm lol)…