Made it


I had no power to be your twin,
to make a bright new sun stream in
or let the longed for end begin.

I could not get inside your skin
to bear the pain, with just a grin,
of life so worn and paper thin.

You had the power to draw me near
and whisper, knowing I would hear
your disappointment and your fear.

You never loved me like a mother
but chose instead your love to smother,
leaving me to find another.

Not knowing love, what did I find?
An ace controller of the mind,
Who took my life and robbed me blind.

I had no power to wriggle free.
Was this how love was meant to be?
Always a twig but never a tree.

If you could see what I’ve become,
Perhaps you’d smile or raise your thumb.
Shame you’ll never know I made it, Mum.


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