Haibun Monday

Well, this is definitely a first for me: I have never written a haibun before. It consists of a short piece of prose – in this case, a description of how I make steak pie! –  followed by a haiku linked to the theme of the prose. I must admit, I do find this an odd thing to write about and and odder way to write it. Yes, I am definitely out of my comfort zone here, which is why I loved the challenge.

I always keep some steak aside for the dog when I make my steak and ale pie. He watches expectantly as I soak the porcini mushrooms and prepare the special pan that will release the rich flavours of the beef, vegetables and frothy brown ale. The puff pastry won’t be added until the next day, after the prepared filling has cooled completely. That way, the pastry will be crisp and light as a freshly lit match.

Winterly warming
the rich velvety steak pie
waits to be eaten


32 thoughts on “Haibun Monday

  1. Well, it might be your first time, but you hit it out of the park. Everyone who reads this will want a steak pie. Sounds like what we call an Empanada down here. I used to eat them for breakfast. It does indeed warm a Winter’s day to tolerable

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  2. I liked your description of pastry as “light as a freshly lit match.” I have never thought of pastry like that before. I agree with Walter that this seems perfect enough to make me tempted to try it. I also like how you personified the pie and had it “waiting”.

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    1. Your comments matter to me, thanks. Was the haibun “weird” because it wasn’t a haibun, or because it wasn’t good or done the way it was supposed to be done? I will learn from your feedback so don’t hold back 😊


      1. I didn’t think it was weird! Sorry – it was great! I meant I found writing them weird at first, because it’s not quite a poem, not quite flash fiction…I got the impression that you were finding them a bit different from your usual writing practice. I’m using mine as a journal this year, which I’m really enjoying.

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  3. Have not tried that pie but sounds delicious ~ Enjoyed your prose of preparing them ~ As to the haiku, just a note that it does not have to link with the prose. It can be a contrast or a contradiction, but always dealing with nature.

    I am glad to see you trying the haibun form. It takes time getting used to it but your first one is a good one. Thanks for joining in and wishing you a good week.

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