Morning Pages

I’ve been reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and have decided to try doing ‘morning pages’. This is a daily routine where you write three pages of brain dump to kick start your creativity. It has no importance what you write or how you write it but you must do three pages every day. No one needs to read it, not even yourself. You don’t have to be clever or witty or poetic or anything else readworthy. It’s just supposed to be a way of clearing the cobwebs and freeing the artist within.

I’ve just completed my first set of morning pages. I know, I ran into afternoon but I’ll forgive myself that. Now, instead of hiding the book or tearing out the pages and burning them (I love a bit of drama!), I thought I’d publish them on my blog, to encourage others to do it. Yes, it’s drivel but who cares? Really?

There’s no point in coming out of your hiding place only to run for shelter at the first opportunity. So here I am, unwashed, unprepared and unafraid.



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